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"Their one purpose is to encourage the youth of this generation to pursue every lust their evil hearts can imagine."
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Harry at the Los Angeles Kings Game - 22 April

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I just witnessed/recorded a fight that started over a sandwich at Wendy’s but tumblr isn’t uploading it :((

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remember that time harry double-tapped that picture of a shirtless boy on instagram in the hopes of seeing some nakedness


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Anonymous: "Theres a teacher at my school, she has long nails like that. I ask myself the same question. She probably needs some hefty toilet paper"

I don’t get how they go about their daily activities like wiping, driving, writing, everything. It’s gotta be a (literal) pain in the ass.

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I’m at a doctor’s office and there’s a lady in here whose fingernails are at least a foot and a half long and the only thing I can think is “How does she wipe???”

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Color Palettes; One Direction discography

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@CarrlynBathe: Hey, it’s @Harry_Styles first hockey game!! Rooting for the Kings I hope, Harry!

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Niall Horan heads to his seat at the Champion’s League soccer match between Atletico de Madrid and Chelsea on Tuesday (April 22) held at Vicente Calderon Stadium in Madrid, Spain.

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