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One Direction Lyric Changes

Take Me Home Tour:

Part One

"Don’t let the bitches steal your phone" [x]
"Shoelace!" [x]
"Come with me, Nialler, don’t say maybe." [x]
"Elbow!" [x]
"Ear!" [x]
"Baby if you say you want me to drive to KFC." [x]
"It makes no sense Timothy." [x

Part Two

"And I’m in love with Glasgow." [x]
"The music up, the Niall’s down." [x]
"He lives on my block and I’ve got wet socks." [x]
“‘Cause I was the only one who loved Niall from the start.” [x]
"I’m just a teenage dirtbag, baby, like Niall." [x]
"Maybe you’ll love yourself like I love Glasgow." [x

Up All Night Tour:

Part One

"You should open your eyes, take off your clothes." [x]
"Wrong size shoe." [x]
"The drugs don’t feel right." [x]
“‘Cause I can love you more than Stan, yeah.” [x]
"My body fails, I’m on my knees, Travis." [x]
"Blow a kiss, small child." [x]
"I’m on my skiis, praying." [x]
"Why don’t you come on over, Ron Burgundy?" [x

Part Two

"Nothing’s fine, I’m corn." [x]
"He just don’t fuck her right." [x]
"I’ll be there in two, I’ll be there in two, baby Pikachu." [x]
"It’s kung fuuuuuuuu." [x]
"Oh, Scooby Doooooo." [x]
"It’s a little too hot, take off your clothes." [x]
"If you’re hungry, then eat some Cheerios." [x]
"I’ve been trying for years to grow a beard." [x]

Part Three

"I miss your orange hair." [x]
"This is Everything About Poo Poo!" [x]
"She can deepthroat." [x]
"I can love drugs more than this." [x]
"I love chicken sooooup." [x]
"And that’s Kanye." [x]
"Can we try one more, one more soup?" [x]
"The drugs don’t feel right." [x

I Want edition

"Different dick every night." [x]
"If I looked inside Paul’s brain." [x]
"and that’s Jay Z." [x]
"and that’s Kanye." [x]
"and that’s gravy." [x]
"Blow a kiss, small child." [x]
"I want, I want, I want to just fuck her." [x