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Anonymous: "I'm looking for some new music. Do you have any song suggestions? Love your blog by the way :) x."

thank you! <3
I’ll just make a list of stuff that I’ve been listening to a lot recently, so I’m apologizing in advance if none it is the kind of music you’re into.
mOBSCENE - Marilyn Manson
The Boys of Summer - the Ataris
Fader - The Temper Trap
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - the Smashing Pumpkins  
In Bloom - Nirvana
Buried A Lie & Family Tradition - Senses Fail
This Could Be Anywhere in the World - Alexisonfire
(sorry I’ve been reliving my freshman year of high school through music)
The Permanent Rain - The Dangerous Summer
Volcano - Damien Rice
Fall & Firefly - Ed Sheeran
Spies - Coldplay
My Father’s Father - the Civil Wars
Swim Good - Frank Ocean
Take Me Dancing - The Maine
One Man Drinking Games - Mayday Parade
Be the Young - Yellowcard

wow that list is a lot longer than I thought it would be. Anyway I hope you like at least one song haha

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