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 the 2000s: a decade of hits - 2000
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1. thong song - sisqo // 2. absolutely (story of a girl) - nine days // 3. big pimpin’ - jay z & ugk // 4. what’s your fantasy - ludacris & shawna // 5. country grammer (hot shit) - nelly // 6. say my name - destiny’s child // 7. bye bye bye - nsync // 8. blue (da ba dee) - eiffel 65 // 9. the real slim shady - eminem // 10. oops!…i did it again - britney spears // 11. aaron’s party (come get it) - aaron carter // 12. all the small things - blink 182 // 13. case of the ex (whatcha gonna do) - mya // 14. what a girl wants - christina aguilera // 15. he loves you not - dream // 16. bounce with me - lil bow wow & xscape // 17. forgot about dre - dr. dre & eminem

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i’m over getting older; a playlist for those of us who just don’t want to grow up. [listen]

1. teenagers | hayley williams; so don’t ask me where i’ll go ‘cause frankly i don’t know and i don’t give a shit. // 2. what’s my age again?| blink 182; what the hell is wrong with me? my friends say i should act my age. what’s my age again? // 3. pretend | lights; once in a while i act like a child to feel like a kid again.  //4. never grow up | taylor swift; oh, i don’t wanna grow up, i wish i’d never grown up, it could still be simple. // 5. stop this train | john mayer; so scared of getting older, i’m only good at being young. // 6. still fighting it | ben folds; everybody knows it sucks to grow up and everybody does. it’s so weird to be back here, let me tell you what. the years go on and we’re still fighting it. // 7. the middle | jimmy eat world;it just takes some time, little girl, you’re in the middle of the ride. everything will just fine, everything will be alright. // 8. brightly wound | eisley;i shall never grow up, make believe is much too fun. // 9. soco amaretto lime | brand new;i’m gonna stay eighteen forever so we can stay like this forever. // 10. weightless | all time low; i’m over getting older. // 11. forever young (alphaville cover) | one direction; it’s hard to get old without a course, i don’t wanna perish like a fading horse. youth is like diamonds in the sun and diamonds are forever. // 12. coffee break | forever the sickest kids; i’ve over-committed myself, i guess this is growing up. i’m sleeping so little these days, i guess this is growing up.

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 what gets you off || a Harry Styles inspired sex playlist
requested by anon

1. Connect the Dots - The Spill Canvas
"Don’t you just love the desire taking hold of you? I can tell you do. I know all your favorite spots and tonight we will connect the dots.”

2.I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes - Dierks Bentley
"We’re wide awake but girl, I wanna make you close your eyes. And say my name like only you can say it and hold me tight."

3. Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades - Brand New
 ”She fakes a smile and presses her hips into his. He keeps his hands pinned down at his sides. He’s holding back from telling her exactly what it really feels like.”

4. Closer - Nine Inch Nails 
"You let me violate you, you let me desecrate you, you let me penetrate you."

5. In The Bathroom Is Where I Want You - Nightmare of You
"In the bathroom is where I want you, against the graffiti walls, we know no love at all. And just to see your body in a place so tacky, there’s no better irony in my own depravity."

6. Your Body is a Wonderland - John Mayer
"One mile to every inch of your skin, like porcelain. One pair of candy lips and your bubblegum tongue."

7. Lover’s Spit - Broken Social Scene
"All these people drinking lover’s spit, swallowing words while giving head."

8. Lover I Don’t Have to Love - Bright Eyes
"Your hands on me, I’m pressing hard against your jeans. Your tongue in my mouth, trying to keep the words from coming out."

9. Lying is the Most Fun A Girl Can Have… - Panic at the Disco
"I’ve got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck than any boy you’ll ever meet."

10. 505 - Arctic Monkeys
"In my imagination you’re waiting, lying on your side with your hands between your thighs."

11. The Wolf - Miniature Tigers
 "You moved up close, I could feel your sweat. I kissed you on the neck and you got wet."

12. La La La - Austin Gibbs
"Locked us in a room, couldn’t take our clothes off fast enough."

13. Sextape - Deftones
"Watch you weigh your powers, tempt with hours of pleasure. Take me one more time, take me one more wave, take me for one last ride."

14. What Gets You Off - Jack’s Mannequin
"That black designer dress looks better underneath our feet, your knees in the dirt."

15. Wicked Games - The Weeknd
"Bring your love, baby, I could bring my shame. Bring your drugs, baby, I could bring my pain." 

16. Sound Effects and Overdramatics - The Used
"When the shirt came off, it was all in time. When a minute turned into a mile. Then I broke that grin and I cut it out and you got all turned on by the taste off your sin."

17. I Want You (She’s So Heavy) - The Beatles
"I want you. I want you so bad, it’s driving me mad."

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 Harry Styles Cover Wishlist

1. Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
"The head while I’m driving, I’m driving. Soft lips are open, knuckles are pale."

2. Coldplay - Green Eyes
"Honey, you are the sea upon which I float." 

3. The Spill Canvas - Connect the Dots
"Don’t you just love the desire taking hold of you? I can tell you do. I know all your favorite spots and tonight we will connect the dots."

4. John Mayer - Slow Dancing in a Burning Room
"You’ll be a bitch because you can. You try to hit me just to hurt me." 

5. Third Eye Blind - Jumper
"Well, everyone I know has got a reason to say ‘Put the past away’." 

6. Keith Urban - Only You Can Love Me This Way
"You’re always in my heart, you’re always on my mind and when it all becomes too much, you’re never far behind." 

7. Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
"I’ve got two tickets to Iron Maiden, baby. Come with me Friday, don’t say maybe. I’m just a teenage dirtbag, baby, like you." 

8. City & Colour - The Girl
"While I’m off chasing my own dreams, sailing around the world, please know that I’m yours to keep, my beautiful girl." 

9. Def Leppard - Pour Some Sugar On Me
"Sometime, anytime sugar me sweet. Little miss innocent sugar me."

10Blink 182 - Feeling This
"Let me go in her room, I wanna take off her clothes. Show me the way to bed, show me the way you move. Fuck it, it’s such a blur." 

11. All Time Low - Toxic Valentine
"She bites my lip, I’m sure to follow. We take a drink to the guilty and the hollow."

12. The Maine - Taking Me Dancing
"Give me thunder, give me lightning and I will give you every part of me. Take me dancing, get me fucked up."

13.Parachute - Kiss Me Slowly
"Hold my breath as you’re moving in, taste your lips and feel your skin. When the time comes, baby, don’t run. Just kiss me slowly." 

14. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah
"Love is not a victory march, it’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah."

15. Every Avenue - Tell Me I’m A Wreck
"When you tell me I’m wreck, you say that I’m a mess, how could you expect anything less?" 

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 Harry Styles Inspired Mixtape

1. Bon Iver - Skinny Love
2. Brand New vs. Kanye West - Jesus Christ Walks
3. City & Colour - Hello, I’m In Delaware
4. Ed Sheeran - You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (Rizzle Kicks remix)
5. Panic! at the Disco - Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
6. Paolo Nutini - Jenny, Don’t Be Hasty
7. Paramore - Use Somebody (Kings of Leon cover)
8. She & Him - In the Sun
9. The Beatles - Something
10. The Dangerous Summer - The Permanent Rain
11. The Maine - My Heroine
12. The Ramones - I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
13. The Starting Line - Bedroom Talk
14. Train - Drops of Jupiter
15. You Me At Six - Always Attract

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 Harry Styles Playlist

1. Blink 182 - First Date
2. Charlie Simpson - The Farmer & His Gun
3. Coldplay - Lost!
4. Ed Sheeran - Little Bird
5. Fun. ft. Janelle Monae - We Are Young
6. Jay Z & Kanye West - Otis
7. John Mayer - Free Fallin’
8. Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More
9. Paolo Nutini - Loving You
10. The Fugees - No Woman, No Cry
11. The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
12. The Wombats - 1996
13. Travis - Flowers in the Window
14. Wretch 32 ft. Josh Kumra - Don’t Go
15. You Me At Six - The Rumour

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One Direction Inspired Mixtapes: Zayn Malik

1. 3OH!3 - Don’t Trust Me (Kid Cudi remix)
2. Beyonce - Halo
3. Bruno Mars - Marry You
4. Chris Brown - Take You Down
5. Drake - Trust Issues (Justin Bieber remix)
6. Frank Ocean - If I’m In Love
7. Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind
8. Mario - Let Me Love You
9. Nathan - Come Into My Room
10. Nick Jonas - Who I Am
11. Raghav - Humrahee
12. Robin Thicke - Lost Without U
13. The Script - If You See Kay
14. Trey Songz - Neighbors Know My Name
15. Usher - That’s What It’s Made For

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